All major construction projects in the capital could be impacted by London Mayor’s Transport Strategy

5th October 2017

The Mayoral transport strategy highlights the need to use construction consolidation centres.

Proposal 15d of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy states that:

“Ensuring that all London is within a 30-minute drive of a Construction Consolidation Centre and encouraging their use through Construction Logistics plans and the planning process.”

Commenting on the mayoral strategy, Peter Jacobs Managing Director Logistics Services at Wilson James says, “Consolidation is the only proven solution to the reduction of construction traffic. Consolidation also ensures that the critical ‘last mile’ is delivered by vehicles complying with the latest safety and environmental criteria by properly trained and experienced drivers.”

Wilson James has long pioneered the use and efficiencies of consolidation centres, such as their London Construction Consolidation Centre location at Silvertown, and their award-winning consolidation solutions at airports.


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