Our approach to dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

30th March 2020

The Covid19 global pandemic has now affected us all; from the closure of places of work to the threat of severe illness, each one of us is feeling its reverberations. 

At Wilson James, we’re taking it seriously. We recognise the potential repercussions and are actively working to mitigate their impact on our security, aviation and construction clients, as well as our 5,000+ work force. We’ve taken an agile three-pillar approach, focusing on a) pro-active client engagement, b) comprehensive staff communications and c) being part of the discussion 

We are working round the clock, seven days a week,  to ensure we can continue to provide comprehensive security and logistics solutions, drive efficiency and maintain the standards we pride ourselves on.  

Pro-active client engagement

The closure of visitor attractions and corporate offices at which we provide security; the dramatic reduction in passengers in airports where we deliver our aviation services and supply chain stock issues in construction logistics are just some of the many ways we feel Covid-19’s impact.  

We understand the uncertainty that this causes for our clients and are proactively engaging directly with them to help secure their positions, being as flexible as possible when it comes to planning for the future. 

We are very much working in partnership with our clients, recognising that Covid-19 will impact each one differently and therefore continuing to provide bespoke solutions.

Comprehensive staff communications

Our people are our priority at Wilson James. As with our clients, their diverse backgrounds working in aviation, security, construction logistics and our support offices around the country means that Covid-19 will impact them in different ways. We took the decision early on to move all our support staff to home-working to ensure that we were able to continue to provide the optimal levels of support to our front-line teams.  

We believe in empowering our employees and ensuring they have access to the latest and most relevant information related to both the Wilson James approach and the Covid-19 situation in general.

Our CEO and Chairman are regularly emailing all staff with updates on the situation and we are continually providing posters, leaflets, FAQs and guidance to all our sites based on the latest government/public health Covid-19 advice.

As our colleagues’ physical and mental health is one of our primary concerns, we have launched a ‘Keeping Well’ campaign aimed at providing information, support and advice on a range of topics including how to stay healthy, keeping in touch, and the importance of getting information from reliable sources

We have also built aaccompanying ‘Keeping Well’ section on our pre-existing learning and development hub, where our employees are able to access a wide range of tools including workout videos, mindfulness podcasts, e-books and webinars delivered by WJ subject matter experts.

Our network of over 300 managers around the business and across the country are all directly connected via the latest digital tools. We have a dedicated Covid-19 online space where our business continuity team is able to instantly and directly communicate to our entire management team the moment there is any new or updated information, ensuring that we continue to seamlessly operate as one team. 

Being part of the discussion

At Wilson James, we are proactive in being part of the wider conversation about how we as a company, an industry leader and as people in general weather this unprecedented crisis. 

Our Risk Advisory Service is currently delivering Pandemic Impact Mitigation Strategies that will help clients to see this crisis through successfully. Our subject matter experts are continuing to post and publish freely available articles, stories and information and we’re actively working with and contributing to the discussions being held by industry bodies and public organisations. 

Although we don’t know how long this crisis will last and what the final impact of it will be, we’re committed to continuing the delivery of our high standards and service levels throughout the security, aviation and construction logistics sector.