Pipeline security







The client is a multinational oil and gas company with a fuel extraction point in Pembrokeshire. From the point of extraction, the fuel enters a network of pipelines, which distribute across the country. They are essential to the national infrastructure and ensure there is always fuel at the pump.

Over recent years, there has been an increase in the instances of ‘hot tapping’, where people illegally tap into the line to steal fuel. This has the potential for loss of revenue to the client, puts members of the public at risk, and can cause serious environmental issues. This was a significant concern for the client and they required a security solution that prevented such issues.


Our first task was to carry out extensive research to identify which areas had the highest risk of 'hot tapping'. With the information we accumulated, we devised a patrol strategy and route, taking into account other intelligence such as pipeline pressure data, in order to deploy patrols effectively.

The team developed a positive relationship with local police and communities to encourage information sharing and reporting of suspicious activities along the pipeline. We also initiated a frequent reporting process to feed intelligence back to the pipeline operator, police and line maintenance contractors.


Wilson James understands the wider challenges of protection within the oil and gas industries. We have created a strategy that has been proven highly successful, and have been able to cut the number of hot tapping offences by 90%.

Moreover, the strategy has produced significant reductions in loss of revenue and repair costs for the client, with a saving of up to £900,000. We have also been able to eliminate the disruption to pipeline supplies and have drastically lowered the risk to local communities, the environment and road users.

Wilson James has a reputation for maintaining and building trust in the security of assets, reducing operating costs and building stronger reputations by improving business performance. We provide the right solution because we understand the challenges of this unique industry.