A well-deserved rest

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Congratulations to Barry Smith, Supervisor at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum, on his retirement!


After seven years of service at Wilson James, Barry is ready to open a new chapter of his life and enjoy a new-found freedom. Although we’re sad to see him go we wish him a very happy retirement. Thank you for the support and guidance Barry!



The helicopter in the photo is shown as an exhibit in the Museum, and is the very same helicopter that Barry (in the middle) served on when in the Army–not just the same model, the actual craft itself!


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Big Energy Saving Week 2021

Conserving energy and saving the planet are not the only positives that come from cutting down your energy usage, you will also save yourself a whole lot of money!   

People News

Warning: heavy rainfall expected to move across central parts of the UK

A severe weather amber warning is in place from 6am Tuesday 19th January until midnight Wednesday 20th January as heavy rain is expected to move across central parts of the country over the next 36-48 hours.


Brew Monday 2021

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate – whatever your choice of drink, grab a cuppa and take the chance to reconnect with someone you care about today.