ASIS Seminar at Wellcome Trust

Client News

The Wellcome Trust hosted the ASIS Spring Seminar, the first event of 2019 for the membership body. ASIS is the largest organisation for security professionals, with more than 35,000 members worldwide including 750 in the UK. Wilson James has been serving an administrative role to the organisation for the last year and the end of this month brings the end of the successful partnership.

Several of the seminar members and organisers praised the reception team, our Wilson James colleagues, and commended the Front of House supervisor and her team were for their welcome when registering the delegates from ASIS.  Said one delegate team member: ‘The way the team conducted themselves was above excellent.’

From Account Manager Kristina Bruzgaite, “It is a valuable recognition for us as a team and we want to share the positive feedback with the rest of the business.

The members of staff involved received thanks from from Wellcome Trust client Sinead Harris,  Strategic Account Director Gasper Hladnik and Account Manager Kristina Bruzgaite.