CLC Featured in Heathrow’s In Development Newsletter

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CLC Featured in Heathrow’s In Development Newsletter

Darren Colderwood, the Development Director for Heathrow Airport, recently featured the CLC and Wilson James team in the In Development Newsletter. Darren spent a day with the logistics team and in his own words,

“The team took us through the end to end process for the logistics centre and it was great to get a first-hand explanation of how it comes together.  Fantastic to see such enthusiasm and passion from John S, John R, Heather, Josh, Marta and the rest of the WJ team. We also had a demo of a FORS gold truck and how the improved safety levels could better protect pedestrians and cyclists.  I was very pleased to hear that the WJ team have had to increase their night delivery schedule to account the impact of the ‘Big Push’ – great stuff!” 

You can read about the visit, as well as an account of a Town Hall event that Team WJ participated in last month, and ongoing improvement and news updates from across the Heathrow community in the web version of the newsletter here.

People News

New initiative – Listening EARs

As part of our ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our employees, we are delighted to launch a new initiative called Listening EARS, in addition to Mental Health First Aiders.


Wellness Wednesday: Christmas Baking Webinar

A step-by-step video tutorial on how to make Christmas cupcakes will be available to view from 1pm on the WJ Hub today.

People News

WJ ID Cards update

Please find an update in regard to the WJ ID Cards.  The process will now be moved to reception at Westcliff.  If you have any issues with the process going forward please email