Congratulations to the Natural History Museum team!

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Congratulations to the Natural History Museum team!

Members of our security employees at the National History Museum were presented with an Extra Mile Award was in recognition of the response of the team to the events of 7th October. Initially feared to be a terrorist attack on the museums, the traffic incident it was later confirmed to be a tragic accident. Needless to say the courage and calmness of the team ensure the museum, visitors, colleagues and the collection were protected. The NHM team also played a leading role in the first response including assessing the impact and calling the emergency services.

Well done to #TeamWJ!

From left to right: George Wrigley, Bellal Zerroud, Darren Sullivan, Shafiq Minka, David Stones, Adrian Cain, Nic Marrafino, Abdul Malik, Oral Coley, Matt Copley

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