Electronic Ways of Working (e-WoW) – Using E-mail Accounts  

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Electronic Ways of Working (e-WoW) – Using E-mail Accounts


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Email must be used with common sense.  It does not take much to transform email from a useful tool into a significant threat to the business.  It is all too easy for people to send information via email without thinking about the potential consequences. When you send an email, you lose control of the information you send.

Pause before you press the send key. Review what you have said. Are you giving the right message in the right way to the right recipients? Could you justify the contents if it became public? Are you breaching any security or privacy constraints?

Because email is so easy to use and abuse, it triggers other problems, such as:

  • placing unrealistic demands on people – information overload
  • time wasting
  • the distribution of computer viruses and other unwelcome material
  • compromised security and privacy
  • inappropriate use
  • storage of important corporate material in private email libraries.

What you need to do:

  • Store emails containing significant information in the correct shared storage location, ie: Z Drive folder. If it’s not worth saving in the corporate area, delete it. Do not just store e mails in an Inbox folder
  • Carry out housekeeping, managing your email account on a continuous basis
  • Turn on your Out of Office Assistant for all planned periods of absence.
  • Ensure that you have cover for incoming emails when you are away from your system
  • Be sure that you have the appropriate authority (particularly if you are writing outside company, and especially on commercial matters) – the same principles apply as on signed documents
  • Don’t try to cover too many issues in a single email
  • Don’t use email for the sake of it. Only send emails to those people who need to see them
  • Avoid using language that could easily be misinterpreted by the recipient.
  • Avoid using a distribution list when you only want to address a sub-set of the group
  • Ensure that you address emails correctly; it is easy to get addresses wrong.  Sending emails to incorrect recipients can constitute a GDPR Data Breach
  • Take responsibility for the storage, quality, security, publication, availability and accessibility of any emails you send or receive
  • Remember, always pause and think before you send.

Sean Kelly MBE
Chief Information Officer


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