Electronic Ways of Working (e-WoW) – Using Group Mailboxes 

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Electronic Ways of Working (e-WoW) – Using Group Mailboxes


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A Group Mailbox is the same as any other mailbox, except that it is intended for team use, not just by one person. It can be used for incoming and outgoing messages and can have its own folder structures.

A Group Mailbox enables all business communication for a team to be received into, and dispatched from, one account. This not only offers greater control and visibility of all documents relating to a team’s business but is also an efficient method of covering for staff absences or supporting round the clock operations.

Why and when you use Group Mailboxes

  • The choice to use Group Mailboxes is at the discretion of local management.  For team and similar activities, then they are an obvious choice. For other uses, the choice is not always so clear cut, but they should always be considered as an alternative to using individual mailboxes.
  • The use of Group Mailboxes complements, but does not replace, the use of proper shared corporate storage areas eg: Z drive, significant incoming and outgoing messages should be stored in these corporate areas, not in a folder structure within the Group Mailbox. In other words, the same principles apply to Group Mailboxes as to personal mailboxes.

Managing Group Mailboxes

A Group Mailbox must have a nominated owner responsible for actively managing the mailbox on behalf of the business area. Their responsibilities include;

  • making sure emails (inbound or outbound) are properly dealt with and then correctly filed in the right shared area
  • sending links to the people who need them
  • making sure that the list of people with access to the mailbox is kept up to date. It is every bit as important to remove access from those who no longer need it, as it is to add new names to the list.

Sean Kelly MBE
Chief Information Officer


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