Extra Mile Awards

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During the “Beast from the East” weather disruption, Grangemouth and all surrounding sites were affected badly. The client at Ineos Grangemouth own Incident Management Team (IMT) were mobilised because there was worries that the site shift operators and technicians would not be able to make it in for their shift. They had a winterisation plan in place, which planned to get taxis to all the team that needed picking up, however due to the weather all taxi companies had taken their vehicles off the road. The facilities company that arranges hire vehicles for the client was then contacted to see if the client could hire 4×4 vehicles to get all the essential personnel into work but they were also unavailable during this time, so the Wilson James site security team volunteered the use of their 4×4 security vehicles.

This became crucial to continue safe operations of the site, without the essential personnel being able to attend work, the impact could have effected productivity and cost the client money. All the officers made the greatest effort to get into work showing honesty and responsibility to WJ, and to the client in their hour of need. The WJ security team spent many hours picking up and dropping off essential personnel and food for the client and the team as they were not able to leave to get food of their own.

The security team included Alasdiar Robinson,  Robert McClelland, Gary Hayhurst, Graeme Allan,  James Megger, William Allan, Jason Williamson, Steven McKay, Hugh Campbell, Michael Small and Joe Reape were awarded with Extra Mile Awards for their efforts towards the situation. Thank you to the security team for your exceptional efforts!


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