Hosting First Lady Melania Trump and Mr Phillip May at the Royal Hospital Chelsea

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The Wilson James Security Team provide the security at Royal Hospital Chelsea 24 hours, 365 days a year. As well as the security, they are responsible for looking after the Chelsea Pensioners and providing security for the beautiful grounds, which is open to the public each day. We also provide security for numerous events held at the site such as cricket matches, weddings, concerts and now have had the great privilege of hosting the First Lady Melania Trump and Prime Minister’s husband Phillip May.

This was an incredible opportunity for the WJ team and truly a special day at Chelsea; working alongside American Secret Service Teams, Police Search Teams, Police Tactical Support teams and Uniform Policing Team.

During this visit the Site Manager Josh Hamilton, with Security Officers Maria Moutinho, Christopher Blake, Samuel Amuzu, Robel Yohanis, Macauley Forrester, Allan Lambert, Colin Barry, John Ogudu, David Broome, Joseph Gallagher and Contract Manager Leonie Brumby all had roles to ensure the security teams worked to complement each other and worked well together as a team.

The team were on site from 6am, ensuring the site was ready for the First Lady and Mr May for a sharp 10am start. A conducted patrol sweep of the grounds took place with the Police Search Teams and their dogs and all the vehicles entering and exiting the site were searched thoroughly. The Police Tactical Support Teams had to get to their varied positions on roofs, gates, entry points and evacuation points ensuring they were clear and secure. A Security Airport style scanner was put in place to ensure all visitor’s belongings were checked before entering the event hosted in the Chapel.

The American Secret Service quickly needed to gain a high level of knowledge of the site and the WJ Team provided timely briefings to assist them. It was clear the American Secret Service worked in unison with the UK teams to ensure protection was guaranteed.

Once they arrived, the police blocked off the roads to secure the access entering and exiting the site. This event was also taking place at the same time there was routine school visits to the site museum, shops and grounds, therefore the team had to work together to ensure that the usual day to day routine would continue.

The visit was a huge success and an exciting day for the Wilson James security team and they did an exceptional job!


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