Husama Semakula Recognised for Exemplary Effort

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Husama Gatwick Family thank you

An ordinary ride in a Wilson James special assistance minibus at Gatwick Airport turned into anything but after a driver’s e-cigarette battery unexpectedly burst into flames while still in his pocket.

Ramp operative Husama Semakula quickly put out the flames using the on-board fire extinguisher and safely parked the vehicle. The driver Simon escaped with significant burns (although he’s now recovered and back at work), thanks in large part to Husama’s efforts. Thankfully, no other people were injured in a collision or the fire.

As a thank you to Husama, Gatwick organised for him to go watch a Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge, which was a dream come true to watch his favourite team win in style. Husama Semakula was chuffed to be presented with his thank you by senior members of Gatwick Airport, Wilson James and UK Power Networks Services.

Wilson James CEO Mark Dobson said: “Husama is a true credit to the PRM operation, combining training, experience and quick thinking to respond ably to a frightening situation, and it is a pleasure to see his actions recognised by the Gatwick community and valued partners. The whole Wilson James team is incredibly proud of him.”

Information provided by and used with kind permission from Gatwick Airport.

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