ISO 27001: Clear Desk Policy

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Dear Colleagues,

We are implementing a clear desk policy as part of our drive to improve Information Security. This applies to all Wilson James information in whatever form, e.g. paper-based information, and to all Wilson James office areas.


The Policy

  • Paper based information, removable media e.g. USB storage devices, and unattended removable computer equipment such as laptops and smart phones shall be stored in lockable, secure containers, e.g. cabinets, when not in use, especially outside of normal working hours. Access to the container keys shall be restricted on a need-to-know basis.
  • Staff shall ensure that their office environment is secure at the end of the working day, e.g. all windows, cabinets and drawers are locked. Keys shall not be taken home, unless this is authorised by Wilson James, but shall be left in a secure location that relevant team members are aware of.

What You Need to Do Now

  • Assess your own work space:
    • ​Do you have adequate, secure storage?
    • Do you have access to a secure document disposal box or shredder?
  • Assess your behaviours:
    • Do you always secure your devices and materials?
    • Are you handling both paper-based and electronic information correctly, or could you make improvements?
  • Take action:
    • Identify the actions you can take as individuals or teams to make your information, work spaces and devices more secure
    • If you need help, i.e. additional storage solutions, tell your supervisor

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As a reminder, if your feel you or your department need some assistance in adhering to this policy, please contact your designated champion to make your needs known:

Employee Engagement & Personnel AdminMoira Parr
PayrollMoira Parr
RecruitmentMoira Parr
Learning & DevelopmentMoira Parr
Purchase/General Ledger/Sales LedgerRuth Lynch
Project FinancesRuth Lynch
ProcurementDarren Ward
Business PerformanceAngela Goldberg
Health and SafetyDarren Ward
ITDarren Salmon
FulcrumBarrie Diffin
MarketingCatriona Bunting-Biss
CommunicationsCadence Woodland
MobilisationsTom Giles
Bids and TendersGavin Wilson
Operational Technology
Security SouthGasper Hladnik
Security NorthJon Flint
AviationMaria Harnett
ConstructionSimon Middleton-Burrows

Health & Safety

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

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