ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard

Growing the Business

Dear colleagues,

As each of you knows, Wilson James stores and processes a large quantity of critical and sensitive information. We need to ensure that this information in all its forms (e.g. electronic, media and paper) is adequately protected, as are the devices and platforms we use to process that data.

For these reasons, Wilson James has decided to pursue ISO 27001 certification.

Certification against this industry standard provides independent information security assurance for our current and potential clients, as well as ourselves. It will also help to ensure our ongoing commercial success as it is a standard that other organisations and businesses recognise and value.

Wilson James is fully committed to achieving this ISO 27001 certification and to continuous improvement in all processes that support the business. We expect to be audited for accreditation in March of 2019.

Information security is everyone’s business. Information asset owners have particular responsibilities but everyone at Wilson James has a part to play. So over the course of the next few months, our ISO 27001 team will:

  • Review the security of information assets with owners
  • Raise awareness about information security across the business
  • Ask everyone to apply simple information security policy and procedure in their daily work
  • Deliver internal and external audits – you could be asked about your part in information security

Please look out for further communications about ISO 27001 and lend your support when you are asked. Achieving this certification will require everyone to understand their role in information security.  Thank you for your support.


Nick Channer
Chief of Staff