ISO27001: Booking in and out

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ISO27001: Booking in and out

Dear colleagues,

Careful implementation of the booking in and out process for Wilson James offices is an important part of our approach to general security and our drive to improve Information Security.

The policy

  • All Wilson James buildings should use and maintain a visitors’ log
  • All visitors shall enter their details into the log when entering the building, and shall sign the log when leaving the building
  • All visitor records shall include the visitor’s name, the firm represented, and the staff member being visited
  • Visitor logs shall also document the length of each visit
  • Visitor logs shall be retained for at least three months
  • All deliveries shall be made to reception areas
  • External delivery and collections people shall not enter the Wilson James’ offices unless escorted
  • All staff members who are responsible for collecting deliveries shall ensure that they are inspected for tampering and damage, and signed-for upon arrival, and are immediately moved to a more secure area
  • Additional rules apply to IT access controlled areas; access to these areas requires the formal authorisation of Head of IT.

What you need to do now

  • Make sure that you complete the visitor’s log when you enter and leave a Wilson James building. If you are a manager, check the log for compliance with policy
  • Look out for ‘tailgaters’ – people who follow you in without booking in
  • Adopt a ‘challenge culture’ – if you see someone you do not recognise and you are not sure of their business, challenge them and if necessary, escort them to reception
  • Make sure that the rules for collections and deliveries are followed
  • Do not allow delivery and collections people to walk around Wilson James buildings without an escort.




Nick Channer OBE
Chief of Staff

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