ISO27001: Practising General Information Safety

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ISO27001: Practising General Information Safety

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Dear colleagues,

Getting the basics of our approach to general security right is an important part of our drive to improve Information Security.

The Policy

  • All staff shall take due care when discussing sensitive information in conversations on Wilson James’s premises and anywhere else, to protect the interests of Wilson James and its data
  • Due care shall be taken when using telephones, voicemail, answering machines, facsimiles, printers, scanners and recording equipment
  • Messages containing sensitive Wilson James information shall not be left on voicemail and answering machines
  • Wilson James property, including computers, software, removable media and paper-based information shall not be removed from a Wilson James site, e.g. for use by mobile and home workers, unless this has been officially authorised and recorded by the relevant Line Manager and, in the case of computers and software, Wilson James IT.

What You Need to Do Now 

  • Think about information security when you discuss sensitive information.
  • Don’t leave sensitive information on voicemail or answering machines.
  • Follow the rules for use of facsimile machines.
  • Get authority from your line manager for removal of information from a WJ site authority from WJ IT for removal of computers and software.

Nick Channer OBE
Chief of Staff


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