Joyce Osekre wins 2017 Fulcrum agent of the year

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Joyce Osekre wins 2017 Fulcrum agent of the year

With just 0.6% dividing the team, Joyce Osekre came out on top as the inaugural 2017 Fulcrum agent of the year. Congratulation to Joyce and a huge thank you to Malcolm and Maria for their efforts throughout the year.

A high benchmark of above 95% was achieved by all team members setting the standard for future years to beat. Well done to all the team!


COVID Update – October 2020

This month we wanted to provide updates on health and safety requirements, as well as information on our latest mental health initiatives following Mental Health Awareness Day on 10 October. 

Growing the Business

Wilson James acquires The Security Group (TSG)

We are pleased to announce that Wilson James has acquired The Security Group (TSG) as part of a long-term strategy to provide our clients with holistic solutions to their security and guarding needs.

People News

25 years of service

Thank you to Gemma Fuller for 25 years of service at Wilson James.