Keeping Well: Home-working with children

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Keeping Well: Home-working with children

Many of us are now working from home at the same time as looking after children and home-schooling. Here are some tips on balancing these commitments.


Ease in: This is an entirely new situation for us and our children. Everyone manages change differently; give yourself and others time to settle into these changes.


Routine: You may find it helps to maintain a similar routine to the one you had before isolation, for example, getting the family up and dressed every day at the same time. Equally, allow yourself flexibility – a set routine may not always be possible or helpful when arranging childcare and work priorities. You may want to use an example schedule as a guide.


Coordinating your time: Go through your schedule with anyone you co-parent with at the start of each day or week – can you arrange your meetings so that they don’t overlap? You may find it helpful to assign childcare to specific times, for example, one parent looking after children in the morning and the other in the afternoon.


Boundaries and space: We all need mental and physical space. Identify a suitable workspace and explain/demonstrate to your children that it’s your workspace. Try to maintain this boundary. Likewise and if possible, try to keep an allocated space for home-schooling activities and another for respite.


Balancing household chores and work: Try to allot specific times during the week for cooking, cleaning and other household chores and try not to allow this to encroach on work and family time.


Making the most of family time: Make the most of this rare opportunity to spend some extra time with your family. Fun conversations and informal learning are just as important for your children as home-schooling.


Downtime and winding down: Have a clear time when you stop checking your phone and emails each day and then give yourself time to wind-down to something you find relaxing, for example, a box set, music, or a book.


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