Men’s Health Week: Cancer in men

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More of us are getting cancer and men are 14% more likely to develop cancer than women. But importantly, more of us are surviving cancer than ever before. If you have any symptoms you’re worried about there is good reason to see your GP sooner rather than later; early detection is vital in raising survival rates.

Prostate, bowl and lung cancer are the most common cancers among men; these make up half of all cancers developed in the UK. Cancer is the leading cause of death in men but the good news is more of us are surviving and the death rate from cancer is down 10%. More people are living with, and after, cancer than ever before.

If you have symptoms you’re concerned about, you have even more reason to see your GP as soon as possible. Common symptoms of cancer can include:

  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • A lump or swelling on the body
  • Unexplained pain

Only 5-10% of all cancers result from specific inherited genes and Cancer Research UK estimate 40% of cancers could be prevented by changes in our lifestyles such as not smoking, taking more exercise, cutting down on alcohol, reducing sugar, eating more fruit and veg and avoiding too much red meat.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital in the fight against cancer and may significantly reduce the likelihood of you developing cancer, currently only 25% of men eat the recommended “Five a day” and a recent study found 80% of adults failed to meet the government target of taking moderate exercise at least 12 times in a four-week period, shockingly it found about 8% of adults who were physically able to had not walked for even five minutes continuously during a four-week period.  A healthy lifestyle will also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and can improve mental health.

You can learn more about cancer prevention and treatment in men from Cancer Research UK, here.


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