Men’s Health Week: Working safely

Health & Safety

By the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team

At Wilson James the majority of our colleagues are employed in construction or security roles, both seen as high risk work environments. Your health and safety at work is taken very seriously by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team, and we work hard to ensure you go home safely after every shift. You also play a vital part in ensuring your wellbeing in the work place.

Risk assessments are in place to keep you and those around you safe; make sure you have access to them, read them and know the risks at your place of work. Familiarise yourself with the control measures put in place to reduce the likelihood of any risk being realised and someone being harmed:

  • Make sure you play your part and adhere to any site rules
  • Make sure you use all protective personal equipment deemed necessary
  • Know to whom you should report any concerns, hazards, near misses, incidents or accidents
  • Read the safe systems of work (sometimes called the method statements) and ensure they reflect how you carry out your role.
  • If these conditions are not met, or you have questions about any of them, speak to your manager
  • Make sure you know the site specific rules and regulations
  • Familiarise yourself with key contacts including first aiders, site managers etc., and have their contact details to hand
  • Never pass something you think looks dangerous, suspicious or out of place without making it safe or reporting it

Security and construction staff are recognised as being at high risk of suffering mental health challenges. For mental health support Wilson James have a network of Time To Change Champions, colleagues who advocate for mental health awareness and who have made themselves available to speak if you need a friendly ear; don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them for help.

Lastly be aware of how your actions impact those around you, consider your colleagues, and behave towards others as you want them to behave towards you.

Client News

WJ awarded the enabling works security pack for the redevelopment of Peterborough Court building

The two year project will see our construction colleagues initially deliver security with associated construction logistics services to facilitate construction works within the building.

Client News

WJ awarded the contract to construct a highly sensitive medical research centre in Wiltshire

This brand new facility will be instrumental in the UK’s future fight against Coronavirus and one we are extremely proud to be associated with.

Client News

WJ awarded the package for a Ministry Of Justice construction project in Leicestershire

The three year project will see our construction colleagues deploy a wide range of services including traffic and delivery management, waste removal, Fulcrum, welfare services, manned guarding, canine patrols and CCTV operations.