Mental Health Awareness Week – Your stories of kindness

Time To Change

This week (18-24 May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness. Earlier this week, we asked you to share your experiences of kindness. We received some great stories:



  • Hayley Lord shared a story about being there for a friend:

“I have a friend who hit rock bottom at Christmas but, thankfully, got help. I believe I was one of only a few people that knew about this. Once I heard, I made a point of taking their Christmas present to them and left it on their doorstep. It was a framed photo of us together and a notepad.

Every couple of days, I would text them to ask how they were or to just send a virtual hug or kiss. People who are in a bad place don’t always want to reply and I was okay with that – I just wanted them to know they were in my thoughts and that I was there if they needed me.

The notepad helps if you are suffering with mental health issues as you can write down your thoughts – I used it as part of my CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) when I had depression. My friend is still recovering and is doing well and I hope they know that I’ll always be there for them when they need me, even when I am going through my own struggles. It means a lot to me.”

  • Karen Blackham’s shared a story about bringing conversation and laughter to 50 assisted living residents, including her mum:

“My mum lives in an assisted living apartment, along with another 49 residents, each in their own apartments. I try to play an active role in their social events where I can, from quizzes to calling out the numbers on Bingo.

During lockdown, at the weekends, I have been going around the building talking to people at their windows or balconies and trying to make them chuckle, if they want to have a chat, which lots do.

I joined them at 9pm on VE day for singing out of the window to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’, which was brilliant. I’m not sure that’s an act of kindness as I take so much pleasure from making them smile, and it never ceases to amaze me how naughty some of them are!”

  • Bob Stevens shared how he’s showing kindness to others:

“I’m trying, in my shift hours at the Nightingale field hospital, to raise a smile and show empathy with my great workplace staff.”


Thank you all for a fantastic Mental Health Awareness Week – we’ve loved hearing your stories. Even though this week is drawing to a close, there is always time for kindness and we’re always happy to hear your stories.

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WJ ID Cards update

Please find an update in regard to the WJ ID Cards.  The process will now be moved to reception at Westcliff.  If you have any issues with the process going forward please email