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Message from the IT Director






Having joined Wilson James in August, I wished to provide a note of introduction to those of you who I have not yet been able to meet, and to provide some information on what you can expect from myself and the team in the coming months.

During my first weeks in Wilson James, I have been meeting with the support functions and getting around to as many sites as possible. Thank you to those who have made time for these visits.

The purpose of this programme has been not only to introduce myself to the wider Wilson James team, but to help identify key priorities, “quick wins,” and value add opportunities for IT. Having completed my first month in the business, I wished to communicate my personal top priorities thus far:

  • Identify quick wins that deliver operational process efficiency
  • Supporting key mobilisations
  • Stabilising core business systems such as Timegate, including reinforcing recent training campaigns which have helped reduce errors, and supporting the rollout of the employee portal to more of our operational colleagues
  • Reviewing and enhancing our cyber security as a business
  • Work with our technology partners in delivering innovative ways to support our clients.

You will be hearing from me regularly over the coming months with updates on the team’s projects and priorities. We will also be seeking your input and engagement on several aspects of our IT infrastructure and user experience. The first of these opportunities will launch in October.

In the meantime, thank you again for the warm welcome and I look forward to working with each of you to help grow our IT capabilities to support our business growth.

Biju Chudasama
IT Director


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