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Dear colleagues,

In recent months there has been an increase in the number of requests to the Procurement team for assistance navigating common SAP procurement processes. We recognised a need for an additional resource to help colleagues, especially new joiners, improve their knowledge of the system.

Working with Training, we have developed some short, informative video tutorials for typical SAP activities to answer the most common FAQs from around the business.

The videos may be accessed via the WJ Hub’s Learning Zone, under the category of Procurement Tutorial Zone.

Tutorial One – Creating a Favourites List
Tutorial Two – Understanding Requisitions
Tutorial Three – Receipting and Cancellations
Tutorial Four – Approvals Process
Tutorial Five – Returns
Tutorial Six – Raising a Requisition in SAP











If you are a frequent SAP procurement user, please make use of this new resource as needed. Managers, please share these resources with appropriate team members.

We hope these tools are of benefit and we welcome feedback on them. Should you have any procurement queries, please do not hesitate to contact and we will happily assist where we are able. Alternatively, please visit the procurement section of the IMS for further support.
Kind regards,





Ian Ball 
Supply Chain Manager