Shared Learning – Serious Injuries

Health & Safety

A serious accident has been reported where a handyman has sustained damage to his hand, which resulted in the finger being amputated in hospital. The handyman was carrying out a routine task of cutting small sections of ply using a battery powered skill saw, a task authorised by his manager on site.

The handyman was assessed to be competent, however the handyman carried out an unsafe act by trying to hold small off cuts whilst using the skill saw and subsequently cut his finger on the spinning blade leading to the injury. Had the IP not been wearing Cut 5 gloves – this injury could have been far more severe



  • Not operating a power tool in accordance with instruction given
  • Carrying out an unsafe act, by putting their fingers near a rotating blade
  • Complacency
  • Not paying attention while operating  




  • DO – ensure that you assess the competence of staff/operatives before putting them to work
  • DO – ensure that that there is a safe system of work in place
  • DO – ensure that the workplace is safe for the works to start
  • DO – ensure that all statutory assessments are completed as required


  •  DON’T – operate any equipment without authorisation from your line manager
  • DON’T – operate any machinery if you are not trained/aware of the hazards
  • DO – keep all bodily parts away form moving blades 
  • DO – operate power tools in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and the safe systems of work (RAMS/RAs) 
  • DO – pay attention at all times when operating power tools

DO – STOP work and report to your line manager if you are in any doubt about your workplace safety

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Sean McKeeman
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager

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