Sustainable Holidays


Sustainable Holidays

Did you know that this Christmas season…

  • 1 billion holiday cards will end up in the bin
  • 227,000 miles of wrapping paper will be thrown away
  • 6 million Christmas trees will be discarded
  • 13,350 tonnes of glass will be thrown out in the UK after Christmas.
  • 2 million turkeys, 74 million mince pies and 17 million Brussel sprouts are thrown away on average.

Some easy tips to make your holiday period a little more sustainable include:

  • Try to recycle as much as you can at Christmas, including wrapping paper, cards, and glass. You can even cut out bits of the cards and keep them for present tags for next year
  • Recycle your tree – most places have a local collection point, or you can take them to your local tip or garden centre or recycling facility, where it be shredded into wood chips
  • Beware of over-catering! Food waste is a common contributor to landfills and it is not as easily composted as many people think, especially if it is still encased in packaging
  • Don’t let tradition dictate your taste buds. There’s no reason to suffer a Christmas pudding or Brussels sprouts if no one likes them!


Katie Pryce is an HLI Integration Manager at Heathrow Airport. She also sits on the Corporate Social Responsibility committee, representing sustainability issues. 

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