Well done to Andrew on the Bronze Extra Mile Award!

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Well done to Andrew on the Bronze Extra Mile Award!

Well done to Security Officer Andrew Addison on his Bronze Extra Mile award.

On the 7th January, Santander employee Fiona Kinghorn was stuck in the lift for almost two hours and Andrew went above and beyond by staying nearby the main lift doors the whole time trying to keep Fiona calm.

The first engineer arrived and could not reset the lift to get Fiona out and could only manage to get the inside set of doors to open, so Fiona was still stuck in the lift with the outside lift doors closed and about three foot lower than the floor level. As a heart attack survivor who was now starting to panic, Andrew kept Fiona calm by talking to her and he used his phone to play music to take her mind off the situation. After another hour, a second qualified engineer arrived and finally opened the doors to get Fiona out of the lift.

‘If Andrew had not been there to keep me calm, it is quite possible that I could have been in quite a state. I felt relatively safe and less stressed knowing someone was nearby although very relieved once I got out of the lift!’ Fiona Kinghorn.

Well done Andrew on taking care of the situation and keeping the site staff safe!

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