Consolidated Logistics

The consolidation process is a tried and tested method for improving material delivery. The delivery of construction materials, plant and equipment to a congested city centre or a complex site has always proved challenging. This is compounded by congestion charging, emissions control and cycle safety as more people compete for space on the road network.

Consolidation Centre

Wilson James owns and operates logistics consolidation centres which serve the construction, aviation and events industries.

The London Construction Consolidation Centre (LCCC). The primary aim of the LCC is to provide a more efficient method of delivering construction material and equipment to projects located in Central London. It also provides space for contractors to build mock-ups, create quality samples and for off-site fabrication.

The off-site logistics support offered through the LCCC doesn’t stop there. Many contractors operating in London have found that using the facility offers them a viable London depot where they can temporarily store materials and make use of our FORS Gold fleet for onward transportation.

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Fulcrum is Wilson James’ delivery and inventory management system, enabling users to book and manage deliveries remotely. It is a database software platform built on a modular system which can be designed and utilised to meet specific requirements for any project, process or task.

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Wilson James holds FORS Gold accreditation.


"I firmly believe that the logistics services provided by Wilson James were fundamental to our successful outcome. Not only did we finish on time with zero defects, but our environmental, health & safety performance was outstanding."

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