Materials Management

Materials on major construction sites must be properly managed. Wilson James has been running site logistics services for main contractors for over 25 years.

By integrating site support services into a cohesive single plan:

  • Sub-contractors are freed to get on with their job knowing that they can rely on their materials and staff being in the right place at the right time.
  • Sub-contractor costs can be reduced and overall safety enhanced by integrating expensive plant requirements across the site.
  • Main contractors can remove whole areas of contingency and risk from their programme.

Wilson James site logistics teams work carefully to ensure that the construction programme is maintained, prelims and support costs are reduced and the site remains uncongested, efficient and safe.

Waste Management

There are many measures that can be deployed to reduce, manage and dispose of waste efficiently on project sites. Wilson James has a long association with the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and is committed to their initiative to ‘halve the waste to landfill’ through embracing good practice in waste management. An integrated waste management plan improves the process of the supply chain and integrates material supply with re-use and recycling methodology such as consolidation to reduce site waste.

Wilson James holds ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

"Wilson James provided the project with a single point of responsibility for logistics, leaving our package managers free to concentrate on their core tasks. Wilson James were crucial to meeting all our handover dates on time. "

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