Safer Sites

Site safety is our top priority and we always make Time for Safety. All site personnel are expected to adhere to high standards and our dedicated construction logistics health and safety team and 6 safety commitments ensure that they are maintained at all times.

Induction and Training 

Wilson James employees receive in-depth induction and training, allowing them to carry out their roles correctly and in a safe way. We ensure our teams are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet client needs. Our key training includes Safer Urban Driving, FORS e-learning, equipment training and CLOCS (construction logistics and cycle safety).

We also design our own bespoke training and induction schemes to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients.

Fire Safety

With the right people and the right training, Wilson James offers real protection from the threat of fire on sites. Our teams of highly trained professionals including incident response staff and fire marshals keep staff, buildings and project sites safe and secure. Specialist duties are carried out by our fire teams including evacuation procedure design and implementation, fire audits, and testing of all fire systems and extinguishers.

First Aid

In the event that incidents occur, immediate first aid response services reduce the impact of long-term after effects. Wilson James teams are trained through highly regarded partners such as St John Ambulance Service, MG Training, and First Safety Training and provide real protection to everyone on site.

Emergency Response

Wilson James incident management teams identify emergency needs, carry out risk assessments and put in place services to meet short-term requirements, enabling business operations to continue where possible, whilst longer term disaster recovery plans are implemented to maintain business resilience in any situation.

"The Wilson James team performs beyond the very high standards expected, whilst consistently finding ways to reduce costs. Their ability to innovate is second to none."

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