Traffic Management

The management of traffic coming in and out of a construction site is a vital support service. Sites or projects are often restricted by their location or size to provide access for vehicles to make deliveries and transporting workforces which need coordination.

Wilson James designs a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and provides highly skilled Traffic Marshals who can be deployed to oversee the various methods of transport, ensuring they are safely operating within the site requirements and reducing the risk of interruption to operations.

A TMP will take into consideration

  • Personnel transfer/safe pedestrian movement
  • Material delivery requirements
  • Co-ordination of waste removal
  • Process for monitoring all road transport routes
  • Potential for integration with existing internal road network
  • Establishment of a Traffic Control Tower function if required
  • Service diversions, plant movements, installations and third-party activity
  • Car parking access/egress processes
  • Material delivery verification processes
  • Signage requirements
  • Vehicle movement reduction through consolidation.

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