National Inclusion Week

25th September 2017

By Peter McGowan, Human Resources Director 

Today marks the start of National Inclusion Week, an initiative run by Inclusive Employers the UKs first membership organisation with the aim of creating more inclusive workplaces. The theme for this week is ‘Connect for Inclusion’ encouraging individuals to step out of their familiar surroundings and engage with colleagues they may not normally come into contact with. In the coming days we are encouraging our team to embrace the spirit of this campaign and seek out colleagues who perhaps they don’t know as well and learn something new about them.

I believe our people are Wilson James’ biggest asset and are at the core of all we do. Diversity encompasses so many different dimensions including race and cultural backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age and education. Wilson James truly embraces all of these differences and is proud that within our 3,000 strong workforce we have more than 75 nationalities and 68 languages spoken. Our teams make such huge contributions to our rich and diverse operations and we encourage an open and communicative environment where contributions from all are welcome and we strive to make every individual feel equal, valued and respected.

We feel diversity is an integral part of our existence and success; our differences allow us to grow and evolve by learning from one another and contribute the delivery of service excellence to our growing client base.