The internet as we know it could be about to change largely due to escalating tensions between the West and […]
On the 23rd August President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in California as wildfires swept across the State. Almost […]
Fleet Street, London
“XR’s Back – Sound the Alarm!” [1] Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have announced a return to protesting against […]
As mentioned in Part One, with space technology becoming progressively more accessible to a wider range of states, the need […]
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched operations at its Barakah plant on the Gulf Coast just east of Qatar.1 […]
In 2018, Professor Michael Schmitt, a lecturer at Exeter University and space war expert, claimed that ‘it is absolutely inevitable […]
The Intelligence and Security Committee in Parliament published their report on Tuesday 21st July, outlining the threat of Russian interference […]
When elected, one of the powers available to the Prime Minister is the ability to merge, disband and establish new […]
The unparalleled global reaction to the May 25th death of George Floyd has put a spotlight not just on why we […]
It started with George Floyd, but this wasn’t the beginning. Anti-police brutality protests turned to anti-racism protests and have since […]