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Whilst there is still a lot more to learn about COVID-19, throughout […]
UK Border Force has been struggling with an influx of migrants from […]
Lockdowns in place due to Covid-19 have begun easing in most countries […]
On Sunday 10th May, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to the […]
As has been discussed in previous articles released by Wilson James, the […]
There are currently crucial negotiations underway over how the United Kingdom (UK) […]
With the confusion that has occurred as a result of Prime Minister […]
When looking at the current spread of Covid-19, new cases and death […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered lockdowns in nations all around the world […]
Is a global pandemic the greatest risk to our security? What did […]
As a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions, the aviation industry has been […]
Most recent estimates place the number of refugees, displaced people and asylum […]
Whilst the general professional consensus around the world is that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) […]
Before the COVID-19 lockdown was introduced in the UK, roughly 5% of […]
This coronavirus pandemic seems to have changed phases over the past few […]
Technology continues to play a critical role in maintaining control of the […]
During this time of unprecedented change across the world challenges facing most […]
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, suggesting to begin in […]
COVID-19 has had a dramatic influence on the world from a health, […]
The closing of borders, lockdowns and social distancing measures restricting domestic and […]
The impact of this Coronavirus pandemic on populations is evident and has […]
Despite large areas of the globe being in various states of emergency […]
In light of the lockdown having recently been extended for a further […]
It would be difficult to argue against the idea there now exists […]
The early detection of unusual behaviour, appearance and approach can be key […]
In the world of 24/7 media, social media connectivity and ‘Fake news’; […]
Asked to describe a typical bodyguard, most of the general public would […]
For any business or enterprise, managing risk needs to start from the […]
We often hear a wide array of terminologies used to describe physical […]