We understand that protecting organisations, people and assets,both tangible and intangible is a necessity. Our highly trained and qualified security teams always have the required background to provide the best protection services possible.

Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance allows us to keep individuals, buildings or assets safe without being obtrusive. Our client can go about their normal routines whilst covertly surrounded by a highly trained protection team.

International Executive Protection (Close Protection)

Our carefully selected Close Protection Officers will work with you to ensure that any threat to you and your family is mitigated, whether that be in the office, at home or abroad.

To ensure an effective and productive relationship, we use psychological profiling to match you to one of our highly trained officers. We can also facilitate requests for specific language, nationalities or genders.

Media Backwatching 

From preparation to delivery, our experts protect journalists and media production teams in hostile environments in the UK or around the world. 

High-net-worth clients
Royalty Protection

We have vast experience working with royal families around the world. We provide a unique level of security service tailored to each royal client that considers position, etiquette, culture and location.

Our services include everything from full-time protection teams to one-off protection for events, travel or holidays.

Residential Security Teams

No one should feel at risk in their home or worry about the security of their home when it is vacant. We provide frontline protection for property and have worked with high-net worth and upmarket clients to provide emergency, short and long-term security cover.

Security Trained Drivers

Our security drivers are highly trained protection officers who can ensure the safety of the client to and from a location, whether for business or daily travel requirements. Our team understand careful contingency planning ensuring your safety at all times.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We deliver Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) for clients around the world . If you feel you or your business are under technical surveillance or at risk of data theft, our experienced team can electronically sterilise and monitor your property and keep you safe.

We use the latest technology to conduct electronic sweeps, detecting beepers and bugs in meeting rooms, offices, residences, vehicles, hotel rooms and superyachts.