Every business or project has unique security challenges that require dedicated expert analysis. Wilson James supports organisations by providing specialist expertise on an issue or situation. Our support can range from a full strategic review and implementation of a transformation strategy, through to improving a specific element of an operation.

Our consultancy commences with a detailed analysis of the environment, site or project and identification of the specific challenges or requirements. This includes business or project objectives, regulation requirements and associated risks and threats which could prevent the achievement of pre-identified objectives.

Risk Management

In order to provide the right solution, we must first understand the risks. Our consultants are widely versed in risk management techniques. Our models enable you to track the results of our consultation – from identifying risks and creating the right management plan, to fully understanding how our solution will address your unique concerns. 

Major Incident and Contingency Planning

We provide security consulting services to design and implement major incident and contingency plans, or to identify any gaps or vulnerabilities existing plan. Going beyond simply addressing compliance requirement we develop a disciplined, documented approach to engage your board-level executives and equip and empower your teams to recognise threat to your business, and to take swift and assured action. 

Sector Experience
Security Audits/ Reviews/ Surveys

Audits, reviews and surveys are the first step in ensuring that the security service and control measures are fully compatible with all types of risks and that best practice is maintained. Whether you have a small site or a global presence, our experts will cover the full scope of the environment, site or project to ensure that your security provision minimises risk and adheres to industry standard.

Security Design and Master Planning

If we identify a problem, we will guide the implementation of an effective solution from beginning to end, whether that be personnel, systems, policy or procedure based. We operate across many industries and environments, assisting our clients with strategic, tactical and operational security needs. Whether it’s writing corporate-level security policy, or designing residential intruder systems, we will ensure the right security service and systems are implemented and operate effectively. 

Travel Security

Wherever you go in the world, our travel risk experts and in-house Operational Support Centre can provide detailed journey plans, recommendations and in-country intelligence that equips you and your teams with all the information needed for a safe and successful trip.

Special/Bespoke Projects

If you have a bespoke project, we are always available to conduct a no-obligation, confidential call to discuss your special requirements.