Time for safety

Health, safety and wellbeing is really important to Wilson James

Our dedicated health and safety team help us all to uphold high standards and aim for zero accidents. They also drive continual improvement and co-ordinate health and safety initiatives for the benefit of the whole business.

The Wilson James board take an active role in reviewing and reporting on company-wide health and safety performance and carry out regular Safety Tours on site to ensure their standards are implemented satisfactorily.

The annual Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards celebrate best practice across the business.

We ask that all our employees and contractors work in line with our 6 safety commitments:

Safety Behaviour
We display positive health and safety behaviours and recognise those who do the same.

Risk Assessments
We ensure risks are continually assessed and take the appropriate action as change occurs.

Safety Resources
We ensure tasks are only undertaken by properly trained, equipped and competent people following the correct rules and procedures.

We STOP WORK to seek guidance if we believe our own, or the safety of others is compromised and we will fully support this intervention.

Continuous Improvement
We actively learn from all experiences and seek new ways of improving safety.

Be responsible
We take ownership of health and safety, prioritising it above everything else.


Time for Wellbeing

With the statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue every year, we want to ensure that mental health and wellbeing receives the attention it deserves. To show our commitment and better support our staff, in 2016 we initiated a partnership with the mental health charity Mind. We worked with Mind to improve mental health awareness and the related policies and procedures for all our employees. Though they are no longer our charity partner from 2019, our commitment to wellbeing remains a key component of our people agenda.